Serena Mastin - CEO and Author

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Serena has overcome extreme obstacles, personally and professionally. Her tragic upbringing included abuse, assault, homelessness, addiction, and unimaginable adversity, yet despite her challenges, she found a true sense of purpose along the way.

The most inspiring part of her story is her strength, resilience, and authenticity. Drawing from over twenty years of experience climbing the corporate ladder, getting knocked down, then building her own path in executive leadership roles, founding Pulse Marketing, an award-winning marketing, and advertising agency, and most recently launching a second company, COR Products. She is empathic, intuitive, fierce, and passionate about serving others.

Serena feels most at home when creating art, exploring new places, hiking, fitness, and spending time with her two incredible kids, Adian and Nevaeh. Her thought-provoking story inspires others to embrace challenges and do it with passion. Serena profoundly relates her unique experience in raw transparency, striking a nerve with every audience.

“I connect deeply, pouring my heart and soul into the lives of others. My purpose is to live wholeheartedly by encouraging healing, extending grace, creating trust, bringing joy, building relationships, inspiring others, and awakening their inner spirit, so I may empower others to uncover the stories within themselves. Exposed: You Can’t Heal When You Hide is her first book.

Serena Mastin - CEO and Author
Book - Exposed: You Can't When You Hide by Serena Mastin

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Serena specializes in podcasts and public interviews on the topics of sexual assault, eating disorders, mental health, self-harm, entrepreneurship, and business development. Serena is passionate about sharing her story to empower others to greatness.